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Launching: CCAF Unveils the Second Issue of Sankofa Youth Journal (SYJ)

The Correct Connect Africa Foundation has unveiled the second issue of the Sankofa Youth Journal (SYJ). The SYJ is an initiative adopted by CCAF as a viable tool of communication and dissemination of materials for promoting the cultural, historical, scientific, and identity reawakening of Africans, especially the youth. The event took place on 17th October 2020 via Google Meet, an internet video-conference platform due to the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic on public gatherings. However, it served to offer the possibility of participation from all over the world. 

This second edition is in harmonious continuity with the previous one in furthering the cause for returning to the African roots, appreciating our rich cultural and technological patrimonies, and taking pride in our African identity. The articles are rich, informative, educative, and intellectually and pleasantly engaging. It also pays a tribute, to the late African American movie and life hero Chadwick Boseman.

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