Omoh make i just laugh,because as e dey be e shock dem bad bad
For their mind that year dem be no reason far dem be no get dat Intel say we go cruise far like mad

Ahhh omoh them joke with fire that year
They look we children of sango
Mighty warriors of Zulu
Fearless warrior queens of Dahomey
Them carry us go
gates and bridges of no return

Them move us from our land of Gold
Our land of Pharaohs and Emperors
Our land land wa no need rivers flowing with
Milk and honey because we get the
The overflowing River Nile
And the ever deep Congo river
With the ever showers of unending
Blessings from Victoria falls

E shock me because their mumuness
No gree show dem way at all
E no allow their brain reason
But las las them break fast choke dem
You to reason am na
They wan cage roaring lions
Bring down Elephants wa if dey stamp
Their feet the whole earth they feel am
Them wan cage Eagles wa be say their life pride na to soar high
Over the sky.

For how long na ?
How long i dey ask them ?
Them been reason say
We be their doves and cats
Us wa they call hyenas and Jaguars
Our best friends and not dogs

See i tell you say e shock dem
When Martin Luther
Shout die it
Wa him cap say
“He has a dream ”
And the assembly don back that dream
Omoh e shock them bad bad
When kwame Nkrumah
cap say enough is enough

Their fear make dem dey shake dey jump jump
But for where our fathers stand gidibam with no shaking
When our Igbo queens and kings with their chains
They chant dey sing as they go gently in joy
To meet our ancestors for water

Omoh e shock dem say
The whole Forest
The whole Jungle
The whole bush
Wa dey plunder and destroy
Fit still stand strong still
spread like virus
For their lands
Till the extent wa be say now dem dey fear us .

Our warriors,our pharoahs,our chiefs,
Our tribesmen,our queens,our democrats,
Our leaders,our elder states men ,our people
Una doings na forever
And ever
Una doings dey run for our minds
Una sacrifices then they charge us now
Because i dey cap you
Una shock dem bad bad
And because of una
We go still and forever dey shock dem till the day when we jam una again my heroes.

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