Until I Go Down

When I said I love you, you likewise iterated.
But now, loving you is a lamentable punishment and yoky millstone to my lovesome heart.
Has your love for me faded away so soon?

I became a rag drag around by your dirtied heels.
My beauty which was the main gain to why I was betrothed to you is now a stain which causes you pain.
Am I not charming as I used to?

Mama told me to look before I leap into the wedlock vicinity.
Papa too warned never to be deceived by vain vanity,
but I rather want to go with a guy with lanky and handsome quality.
What will they say now about my insanity?

Esther is the bond between us.
The unborn child in me is another.
If not, I’d have “japa” and sign out.
This is a cross woven around my neck already.
When will I get to my Golgotha?

Old Honey or Sweat-heart, it’s your merriment,
Seeing me writing a long testament
Of how you became a “boss” which is to my own detriment.
I became a second-class element,
Which you use as your implement.
Why all these? Aren’t we helpmeets anymore?

Well, I still love you, because I have no choice whether to stop solving.
Hit me, heat and eat me. Since it’s said you’re my “crown” at the top of my gown.
I’ll endure and not frown; I will continue to bend until I’m down.

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