Him Dey Kampe

The matter get k-leg
As e don tire me
Make I yan am small
As e don hook me for neck

Why una no dey talk about
Black man abi na only woman una sabi?
Mama Africa never tell you the gist?
Una no know say na from man dem get
Woman ni?
Na from Adam rib eve comot

No be only lion be king o
African man na “kingest”
Him no dey fear
Even rain no fee stop am
Thunder no fee strike am
He go stand kampe
Dey hustle day and night

Breakfast na real
But African man no dey serve
Him don collect
But da one no make am serve

Early momo,
Him don wake up
Money no dey pocket as e look
But him make sure say food dey house
Brotherman no go chop
Him problem be say, make junior chop

Body small, dream big.
Eye don red, but heart dey white
African man.
Him dey kampe.

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