Hunger dey satisfy hunger

Sometimes, na hunger dey satisfy hunger
no be food as we dey reason am, normally

If pikin wey don dey sit-down
no dey hunger to crawl,
how him wan take crawl?

If the one wey dey crawl
no dey hunger to waka
how him wan take waka?

The one wey no sabi talk—how,
he wan take talk?

If hunger cure no be hunger
why, all the air wey we don dey drink
enter our lungs since when Mama born us
no dey ever satisfy us?

Sometimes, some kind spider webs dey entangle—
dey choke black man mind
dey make am reason say na the blackness of him skin
na him born the darkness wey dey haunt am for society

like say light and darkness, get relationship with genetics

originally, na the hunger to dey supreme
na him inform some people say
their fellow man be yam wey person fit trade,
na still hunger make Africa survive the trauma.

Hunger dey sustain Nigerian man
wey terrorism and poverty dey molest him motherland:
second most educated immigrants for America after Indians,
hunger to unearth the deep treasures wey him blackness dey obscure

na hunger make black man dey thrive pass for sports
hunger, wey pass that of person wey dey do forty days dry fasting.

hunger dey give man, wey him account balance dey chant, ZERO-ZERO
morale to smile and to say “one day it go better”

hunger dey make our heart dey ginger like ikoro drums
blood dey flow tara-tara for our tubes like River Niger.

our green and blue ball dey roll,
dey push dey grind.

If African man ever tire to dey hunger,
to die dey hungry am.
because hunger no get bus stop.

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