Gender Roles in Africa

Mama Caro dey wash plate early momo when papa Caro start to dey para for her saying; you stupid woman, I no know why I marry you since you no fit born male child for me. All my family too don tire to wait and be like say you no fit born pikin for me again. Now I don decide say I go marry another woman wey go born male pikin for me.
Mama Caro vest and she begin to yarn for the husband say , i go see where you go keep the woman because me and my daughters no dey go anywhere , useless man. Hehehehe…. you think say I care about you and those things you call daughters. All of wonna go park commot my house.
Mama Caro quietly run enter room and begin to dey cry say ; I tell my papa and mama say I wan go school but they no gree . They carry me give this useless man and now he don spoil my life finish, he wan throw me commot this house. No matter Westin happen, I no go ever allow all my daughters see this kind thing for their life because I go carry all of them go school. My bros wey go school dey live better na me wey dey no gree send school because I be girl don turn to Casala.

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